Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Capture Perfect Outdoor Family Portrait: Tips For Pro Quality Results

A professional photographer knows it very well that a family portrait comes out really beautiful and lively when it is shot outdoor. But there are so many things that a photographer needs to keep in mind while doing a family portrait. Here we are going to talk about how to get the best out of an outdoor family photography. Learn about the Dos and Don’ts in detail:

Pick Only One Focus Point

family portrait focus

If you are one of those who pick the auto focus option then you are doing your portraits a terrible disservice. Because it allows the camera to select the focus points all by itself. This feature is usually designed to pick whatever is closest to the lens and focus there. In some cases the camera will choose a cluster of focus points and make a “best guess” based on averaging the distance between all the chosen points. Using one focus points gives the photographer ultimate control over the shot.

Focus On Eyes


single portrait


When photographing single member of the family the most important parts to focus on are the eyes. Eyes are the windows to the soul and should be the focal point of any good portrait. We are saying it’s the eyes only that are most important but they are the sharpest elements on the face.

Find A Shade


photo under shade


Take pictures in the shade or on a cloudy day. This is hands-down one of the best way to improve your outdoor photos. When sunlight is diffused by the clouds or trees or buildings, there is still plenty of ambient light from the sky to light peoples’ faces. When shooting in the shade, there are no more harsh shadows, only smooth milky shadows created by the subjects’ natural features. With proper exposure and white balance, you can make these shots look amazing.

Gadgets You’ll Need
Here are the list of things you are going to need for an outdoor portrait.
-    Standard Zoom Lens
-    Flashgun
-    Reflector
-    Fast Prime lens (such as a 50mm f/1.8
-    Telephoto zoom lens
-    Wireless flash trigger
-    Flash diffuser

Use Your Flash


Flash in daylight


Most people tend to use flash at night or indoors, but it can be a valuable tool outdoors during the day as well. Just make sure you’re close enough to your subject that the flash can reach him/her. Most pop-up flashes on cameras can only go a few yards at most.

Shooting Children or Pets

children portrait

While shooting picture of children or pets, get down to their level instead of shooting from above looking down. This is a good tip whether you’re shooting outdoors or indoors.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What You Should be Looking for in Natural Wedding Photography?

natural wedding photography

A wedding is the biggest day of someone’s life, so it is really important for them to capture the moments perfectly. Now people are more serious about choosing the right wedding photographer. Also people choose natural wedding photography over edited or the posed ones. Here are some important things that a photographer and the wedding couple should be looking into:

No Moment Should be Missed

Every little detail is important in a wedding and every single moment talks of something thoughtful. However, not all photographer knows when to capture what and of course the couple is not going to know about all the little details about photography unless they are into photography too. So it is really important to capture the moments with care from the very beginning of the day till the end. 

Wedding moments

Fake Things Naturally

A true natural photographer knows how to make things naturally fake. Sometimes it is important to capture a few photos of the bride and groom with them posing. It totally depends on the photographer how he/she interacts with the couple and how comfortable they are in front of the camera. If they are comfortable, the photographs will look natural without giving much effort.

wedding photography

Cover the Big Things

First the checklist needs to be covered that consists of wedding dress, bride, groom, a group photo with bridesmaid & groomsmen, vows, walking down the aisle and the Kiss. These things need to be captured with good care as these are the most precious moments of the day.

natural wedding

Don’t Miss the Details

Sometimes the photographers are too much into the big things that the small details get missed out. Who does not want a photo of the venue decorations, Bride’s hair-do, the bouquet, guest books and many other small things that captures the eyes at the wedding? A photographer and the couple should plan this earlier, if they want to end up with a successful wedding.

wedding photographer

All the above mentioned points are really important when a couple is planning to do a natural photography at the wedding. Nothing should be compromised when it is about capturing the great moments of the big day.

Share your thoughts about natural wedding photography. Feel free to drop advices and suggestions in the comment box.